Introducing a $20 Family Pack!
Introducing a $20 Family Pack!

Affordable fun for the whole fam! Get unlimited access (!) to all our DIY Craft Stations and all the cloths you can carry!

Suggested Donations:

$10 + a bag of clothing

Families of 2 or More, All Ages Welcome*
$20 + a bag of clothing

Participants or families without a clothing donation will be asked to contribute an extra $3.

*Most crafts at our DIY Stations can be done by children of all ages (I’m looking at you g’pa!) though we ask that adults stick around to help those 13 and younger, especially with the sewing machines.  Plus it makes us all warm and fuzzy to see generations crafting together. We know families come in all sizes and formations – if you consider yourselves family then so do we!  Please remember that all proceeds go to one of our many worthy beneficiaries.

What to Bring

Unwanted clothing, fabric, embellishments, accessories & sheets. All items should be clean & in reasonably good condition.